About Us

Chico Pharmacy is operated by Janet Balbutin and family.  Janet also operates Chico Medical Supply and Paradise Drug and Medical Supply.  She works alongside her sister, Ava, the pharmacist-in-charge of Chico Pharmacy and her brother, Ray, a pharmacy technician of the same store.

From the Farm to the Pharmacy 

Janet, Ava and Ray are part of a tight-knit Balbutin clan boasting thirteen siblings and innumerable extensions, most of which reside in the North State. As children of immigrant farm laborers from the Philippines, the family grew up working the fields of the Central Valley. Their parents often stressed the importance of getting educated and holding a profession as a respite from the back breaking labor. At first, pharmacy was little more than a ticket off the farm. But soon enough, it evolved into a family affair and more.

Janet graduated from the UCSF School of Pharmacy in 1968 while Ava finished her degree from the same institution in 1971. After working in various chain, grocery and hospital settings, Janet found a job at Wes's Pharmacy in Chico. In those days, independent pharmacies were a dime a dozen and could still be found on neighborhood street corners, like gas stations.  Janet began a series of ventures in the health care world, acquiring a consulting firm and drug stores in Paradise and Durham.

"A pharmacy must be more than a drug store and a pharmacist must be more than a person that counts your pills."

Thus emerged the concept of a family pharmacy—a place where you receive individualized attention and trusted advice without sacrificing low cost and convenience; a place where the pharmacist is your advocate in the confusing world of billing and refill timing as well as getting the most out of our meds; a place where you'll find the special care and service you can only get from a member of your community; a place where you're treated like family.

Chico Pharmacy was opened in 1993, a seed of that secret, grown from the ground up.

Today, the pharmacy is staffed by four family members: Ava Balbutin, the pharmacist-in-charge; Ray Balbutin, a pharmacy technician; Janet's son, Kevin Harris, and niece, Alysen Burnham, both clerks and techs. Janet currently operates four health care businesses: Chico Pharmacy, Chico Medical Supply, Paradise Drug and Medical Supply and Drug Therapy Systems, a pharmacy consulting firm.

Bring us your prescriptions and let our family take care of yours.

Last Updated: 7/26/2016